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Cover and interior artwork by Ray Scott 

In Odes to the Ordinary, Emily Benson-Scott employs a poetic concept dating back to ancient Greece to valorize the commonplace. Nothing escapes her wondrous gaze, as the poet celebrates everyday objects as diverse as an elevated subway in Queens to a Quaking Aspen in Vermont. Brimming with sensual language and densely layered imagery, these poems remind us to have gratitude for the beauty that infuses even the most seemingly insignificant objects or unpleasant circumstances —from bad breakups to bad weather. Attention also becomes a vehicle towards greater empathy when the poet turns her gaze towards a weary carriage horse in Central Park or a bucket of crabs awaiting their demise. This debut collection will awaken a sense of wonder, helping to ground us in the present moment and to find the miraculous in the mundane.

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by Emily Benson-Scott

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